Community Choir in Whitchurch

Community Choir in Whitchurch, Shropshire U.K.

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We did it!

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Resume after Easter on Monday 13 April

Last night after our final performance of the Requiem I heard choristers saying to one another that that had been our best ever recital of it, how much they enjoyed it, that they thought we’d finally conquered any apprehension about tackling it…

The audience seemed genuinely moved and were very positive too.

The highlight of course was Holly’s solo which was very beautiful and the acoustics in the church did her justice fully. I was moved by the crystal clear clarity of her voice and I could see that reflected in the faces of other choir members too.

David’s organ accompaniment was lovely, Phillip Walker’s balancing on step ladders to capture us photographically is a valuable contribution and the result will be enjoyable and a great asset for forthcoming publicity. Marnie’s husband (apologies, I have forgotten his name) took informal photographs of us at Saturday’s rehearsal which will be fun to see in due course and a big thank you to him for unobtrusively popping out from behind pillars to catch some moments. Look out for these new photographs appearing on the website when they become available.

It has been fun and very appreciated that we could do this piece with members of St Alkmund’s church choir and Wem Community Choir.

John and Donna – you have worked so hard and good-naturedly for weeks with us and I am so pleased that finally I think we pulled it off and hope you feel we did you justice in the end.

So, now we have a break for a couple of weeks and resume after Easter on Monday 13 April and if you haven’t already paid Ray the third subs installment do so then.

I wonder what Donna has in mind for us next?

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25th January rehearsal


We were singing to keep warm tonight! The heating was on the blink unfortunately but a couple of fan heaters and hot drinks during the break saved us from perishing. Quite a few people were missing too as it seems coughs and colds are doing the rounds again, but that didn’t stop us singing from Introit – Kyrie page 1 all the way through to Offertorium page 9 and beyond. Page 15 was a bit tricky wasn’t it?

Mo has found out about the performance of the Requiem and Haydn’s Te Deum And Other Sacred Music that will be performed at the United Reformed Church in Shrewsbury on March 28th and supplied this internet link –

Don’t forget that our own performance of Faure’s Requiem with the Wem Community Choir will be at St Peter’s and St Paul’s Church, Wem on 27th March. We will also be performing it in Whitchurch in St Alkmund’s Church round about the same time, details to be confirmed very shortly.

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