Community Choir in Whitchurch

Community Choir in Whitchurch, Shropshire U.K.

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Monday 27 April

When I drove into the Bargates Hall car park I noticed how vivid the flowering cherry blossom was; throughout our rehearsal I noticed a blackbird perched in one of the trees, his black feathers standing out against the pinkness even as dusk fell. I wonder what he thought of our rehearsal – Singing in the Rain, All You Need is Love, Bring me Sunshine and Summer Holiday. We’re preparing for a choir garden party with family and friends as guests at the end of July.

Here’s another of Tony Tinsley’s photographs, this time of our very own ‘Three Tenors’ in rehearsal

tony's faure pics1_9 and a lovely one of Iris, with Holly, our soloist for the Whitchurch Faure performance.

tony's faure pics1_4

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Monday 13 April

We were Dream, Dream, Dreaming of Singin’ in the Rain!

A reminder that the third subs were due before Easter so do let Ray have yours next Monday if you haven’t already paid.

Donna and John will be doing their fourth Singing for Fun Day on May 16 which will be gospel and spiritual music; also, Donna is offering a 10 week course on learning to read music, on Thursdays, morning or afternoon, so let her know if you are interested in either or both.

You will have had an email with a link to the beautiful photographs that Philip Walker took of our  performance of Faure’s Requiem on 29 March in St Alkmund’s church – here’s one of my favourites –
Faure 02

Do you remember Marnie’s husband photographing us during the rehearsal on 28 March? Big thank you to Tony Tinsley – here are some of his candid action shots –

faure march 20151_19

faure march 20151 faure march 20151_11 faure march 20151_14 faure march 20151_15 faure march 20151_28 faure march 20151_7



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dates 1

Faure’s Requiem Performances –

  • Friday 27th March, 7.30pm, at St Peter’s and St Pauls, Wem
  • Sunday 29th March, 6.30pm, St Alkmund’s, Whitchurch

Extra rehearsals –

  • Tuesday 24th March, 7.15pm, with Wem Community Choir
  • Saturday 28th March, 2.30pm, St Alkmund’s, Whitchurch

We rehearsed Monday 9th February as scheduled and also an extra rehearsal this Monday, 16th although it was during half term when we don’t usually meet. We were joined by a few choristers from the St Alkmund choir with whom we will be performing Faure’s Requiem at St Peter’s and St Paul’s, Wem and at St Alkmund’s, Whitchurch.

faures requiem book cover1

Holly and John Teague have been helping Donna, and they all think we are doing well. We will be accompanied by organ and piano at both venues.

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25th January rehearsal


We were singing to keep warm tonight! The heating was on the blink unfortunately but a couple of fan heaters and hot drinks during the break saved us from perishing. Quite a few people were missing too as it seems coughs and colds are doing the rounds again, but that didn’t stop us singing from Introit – Kyrie page 1 all the way through to Offertorium page 9 and beyond. Page 15 was a bit tricky wasn’t it?

Mo has found out about the performance of the Requiem and Haydn’s Te Deum And Other Sacred Music that will be performed at the United Reformed Church in Shrewsbury on March 28th and supplied this internet link –

Don’t forget that our own performance of Faure’s Requiem with the Wem Community Choir will be at St Peter’s and St Paul’s Church, Wem on 27th March. We will also be performing it in Whitchurch in St Alkmund’s Church round about the same time, details to be confirmed very shortly.

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Monday 19th January rehearsal

Our third rehearsal of Faure’s Requiem and it is beginning to sound as if we are conquering it! Beautifully. Holly Teague took rehearsals for the sopranos and altos before tea whilst Donna Teague rehearsed the men.

Rehearsal 24th November...

Performance dates and venues are being finalised over the next few days – it’s looking like two performances just before Easter, one with the Wem Community Choir at St Peters and St Pauls Parish Church in Wem and another in Whitchurch, possibly in St Alkmund’s Church.

Donna is very busy planning everything on our behalf – pianist, organist, venues, dates, liaising with the Wem Community Choir, soloists… she really works hard for us as well as with us, and did you know this – she even arrives at the rehearsal room half an hour early every Monday evening to put out over forty chairs on her own. Arrangements are being made so that she doesn’t have to do this, but until those arrangements are in place it would be lovely if some choir members turned up early to help her.

Every week for a while now fresh faces appear leading to new choir members joining and fortunately some have performed Faure’s Requiem before. We are also singing lighter music and will begin practicing songs that we will be performing at a wedding on 16th May

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