Community Choir in Whitchurch

Community Choir in Whitchurch, Shropshire U.K.



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On March 27th and 29th we performed Faure’s Requiem with members of the Wem Community Choir and the St Alkmund’s Church Choir. Philip Walker took photos before the Whitchhurch performance and Tony Tinsley photographed us in rehearsal the previous day.

Firstly, a collage of some of Tony’s photographs:-


Some of Philip’s photographs:-

phil's faure pics1_1 phil's faure pics1 phil's faure pics1_5 phil's faure pics1_11

happy choir dec 2014 sainsbury's1_1
Sunday 14th December 2014, some choir members are about to start their two hour concert entertaining staff and customers at Sainsbury’s, Whitchurch. The choir was raising funds for The Beechtree Comunity Centre. The response was very positive and there were also some enquiries from people wanting to know more about the choir with a view to perhaps coming to a rehearsal in the new year.


This was the second of eight performances by the choir this Christmas, the first having been been at Marbury Village Hall on 6th december.

These photographs are of the choir in rehearsal at the end of November 2014, preparing for a series of Christmas concerts.

24 11 2014 choir rehearsal1_324 11 2014 choir rehearsal1_224 11 2014 choir rehearsal1

The following photographs featured in press releases from 2010 until early 2014.

wcc pics 2010-oct2014 edited1wcc pics 2010-oct2014 edited1_2 wcc pics 2010-oct2014 edited1_3 wcc pics 2010-oct2014 edited1_4 wcc pics 2010-oct2014 edited1_5 wcc pics 2010-oct2014 edited1_6 wcc pics 2010-oct2014 edited1_7 wcc pics 2010-oct2014 edited1_9 wcc pics 2010-oct2014 edited1_10 wcc pics 2010-oct2014 edited1_11 wcc pics 2010-oct2014 edited1_12 wcc pics 2010-oct2014 edited1_14 wcc pics 2010-oct2014 edited1_15 wcc pics 2010-oct2014 edited1_20wcc pics 2010-oct2014 edited1_1 wcc pics 2010-oct2014 edited1_8

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