Community Choir in Whitchurch

Community Choir in Whitchurch, Shropshire U.K.


Membership of the choir incurs an annual fee to cover rehearsal hall fees and those of the choir’s musical director. It also covers payment for piano accompaniment during rehearsals and performances. The fee is collected over the year in four payments of £30 as from September 2018, by the Treasurer, Ray Hatton.

Members are provided with a music folder and an aqua scarf for women and pale green tie for men to wear for performances.

There is a small committee comprising a Chair, Treasurer, Secretary and Librarian with additional support for the website. An A.G.M. is held annually in September when matters are open to the whole choir. There is more information on web site page ‘About’.


There are no auditions and this is a choir for the enjoyment and pleasure of singing.  Anybody coming to a rehearsal for the first time is made very welcome, as the choir is a warm and friendly group where ‘newbies’ are valued.

To find out more you are welcome to contact the choir’s Secretary, Margaret Hatton by phoning 01948 662594 or using this contact form –




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