Community Choir in Whitchurch

Community Choir in Whitchurch, Shropshire U.K.

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Rehearsal 24th November…

We rehearsed a fair number of Christmas carols tonight, a selection of standards, favourites, popular, traditional, modern and familars sums it up! Newer members of the choir have some catching up to do and YouTube would be a good source for this.

Here’s the list of concerts and performances-

SATURDAY 6th December – Marbury Senior Citizens Christmas Party, Marbury Village Hall 7.30pm to entertain
SUNDAY 14th December – Sainsbury’s supermarket 2 – 4pm
TUESDAY 16th December – Senior Citizens’ Club in the afternoon
FRIDAY 19th December – Hospital Crib Service in the afternoon
SATURDAY 20th December – Town Centre in the morning and in the afternoon from 2.30pm Prospect House in Malpas
MONDAY 22nd December – Greenfields at 2.30 and Fairfields at 3.30

Several choir members stayed behind for an extra rehearsal to prepare for the Marbury Christmas Party performance on Saturday 6th December, the first in the Christmas programme for this year. Ray and Margaret will be compiling and circulating the running order of carols for the various venues. Not all the carols will be sung at each.

In the absence of any up to date photographs of the choir performing these were taken during rehearsal and will be used for publicising the choir in the local press during the next couple of weeks.


Two of these photographs and an up to date article have been submitted to The Whitchurch Herald and The North Shropshire Chronicle/Shropshire Star for publication. The running list of Christmas carols and songs has been emailed to choir members by Margaret; choir members performing at Marbury Village Hall on 6th December will need to stay behind rehearsal next Monday for a further run through.