Community Choir in Whitchurch

Community Choir in Whitchurch, Shropshire U.K.

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♥ 2016 ♥

Bit late I know, but HEALTH WEALTH & HAPPINESS eh? I’ve been having fun trying to configure a new computer to work with camera, scanner & printer etc. and it has not been easy. The old one decided to play up as if in protest.

Choir resumed on Monday 4th January and the next committee meeting will be after Monday 11th’s rehearsal.

Here are some photographs from the choir’s two hour performance in Sainsbury’s on the Sunday before Christmas – about £200 in donations was taken that day (together with some the previous day when the choir sang in the town centre) making a hearty contribution to ‘First Responders’.

sainsburys dec 2015 2


sainsburys dec 2015 3




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catch up – 14 & 21 September

We’ve been working on ’rounds’ and we’re sounding good!

You will have received an email from Margaret asking if you are going to sing at the Blackberry Fair – do reply asap as the committee needs to know if the numbers add up as it may not be viable.

On July 3 we are going to sing at ‘Relay for Life’ at the rugby ground. Here’s a link to the Cancer Research UK campaign that is achieving so much and it’s an honour don’t you think for the choir to take part LINK


First day of autumn apparently today so enjoy the colours and don’t slip on soggy leaves! If I had to think of songs that go with this season my mind conjures up John Denver and vast open spaces in the U.S. How about you? Click this link for one of my favourite songs by him LINK

If you haven’t already paid your subs – they were due last Monday.




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Monday 5th january 2015

MONDAY 5th January 2015, the choir’s first rehearsal of the new year. The second £25 installment of the annual subscription is due today.

gabriel faureWe will start learning Faure’s Requiem. Here is a YouTube link  – just one of many recordings of this beautiful piece.

If you would like to practice at home Donna suggested and the Requiem link is here

We will be performing it with Wem Community Choir in April, provisionally the Sunday after Easter at St Peter and St Pauls, Wem, but firm details will follow.

The choir will be performinig at a wedding on May 16th and our repertoire has yet to be decided. This is the same day as the annual ‘Singing For Fun Day’ when the theme will be gospel music.

Photographs of some choir members performing carols at Sainsbury’s can be seen in following posts that have been transferred from the original blog on Googles’ Blogspot. The choir raised nearly £60 in just two hours for The Beechtree Community Centre.


The choir will be having its annual social/meal on Tuesday 20th January and details will have been emailed to you by Margaret who is taking bookings. She and Pat have found a new venue with a set menu to order from.



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Rehearsal 17th November…

We are now rehearsing carols for various forthcoming performances. Four of the carols will be performed without keyboard accompaniment and in additon to soprano, alto and bass harmonies there will be some tenor and descant elements. Donna thinks that the choir has developed and grown to facilitate this which is exciting.

Here’s the shedule so far –

Forthcoming carol Concerts & Performances

SATURDAY 6th December – Marbury Senior Citizens’ Christmas Party, Marbury Village Hall 7.30pm to entertain

SUNDAY 14th December  – Sainsbury’s supermarket 2 – 4pm

TUESDAY 16th December – Senior Citizens’ Club in the afternoon

FRIDAY 19th December – Hospital Crib Service in the afternoon

SATURDAY 20th December – Town Centre in the morning and in the afternoon from 2.30pm Prospect House in Malpas

MONDAY 22nd December – Greenfields in the afternoon and Fairfields early evening

Don’t forget that David and Dorne Quipp have invited choir members to join them on 23rd November at their renewal of marriage vows service, see invitation below.

There has been very positive feedback about the choir’s performance last Friday at St Alkmund’s, people in the audience having commented on how proficient the choir has become and the fun of joining in at the end with ‘When the saints…’

Our piano accompanist last Friday was Pam Pickford who seamlessly took the reins from Donna so she could conduct; Pam was spot on so a VERY BIG THANK YOU; she passed on via Donna how well she thought the men sang so WELL DONE BLOKES!

Please register to be an author/contributor of this blog so that you can post blogposts here as I don’t want to be the only one, and you can also leave comments if you want to.

Publicity for the choir, specifically forthcoming performances needs to be done but as there are currently no up to date photographs it has been suggested that I take photographs of the choir in rehearsal this Monday, 24th November. If any choir members had friends or family in the audience at last Friday’s concert who took photographs perhaps they would be kind enough to email me some which I could use when I contact local newspapers.