Community Choir in Whitchurch

Community Choir in Whitchurch, Shropshire U.K.

hello and bye bye for a little while…

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We’re now on summer holiday rather than singing about it (groan, groan). Will someone tell me what it is about that song that we dislike so much? I know I dislike it but I’m unsure why. I probably do have an aversion to Cliff Richard, having been more of a Rolling Stones/The Who type of a teenage girl.

I need a little favour – in order to  be able to write a guide for people wanting to know how to enter blog posts here I need to know what happens when you try to do it. My computer and laptop wont let me pretend I don’t know, if that makes any sense.

The choir’s committee meets on Monday 10th August when dates for the rehearsals for the year starting September will be decided. If anyone has anything they would like raised at the committee meeting perhaps they would let a committee member know – Margaret, Ray, Mo, Dot, Donna or myself, Lizzie.

happiness is singing in a choir

Last Saturday our minimal choir performance at Jebb Court seemed to go down quite well, as did their scones and tea, and didn’t we have a scrumptious supper after last Mondays mini in house concert? It was a fabulous spread – Dot’s sponge cake, Irene’s venison and red wine rolls, Donna’s quiche, cheese board, strawberries… everyones contributions seemed to compliment each other and provided a little of what you might fancy for us all.

I am going to spend some time sprucing up and amending this website so next time you call in it might look different. As an aside, I and a few friends are organising an event for middle aged and older people who should know better! – woodland glide segway at in mid September. If you are daft and daring enough to want to join us contact me using the form below if  you like.



Author: Whitchurch Community Choir

The choir is based in Whitchurch, with members from the surrounding north Shropshire area. Rehearsals are weekly (term time) in St John’s Methodist Church 7 - 8.30pm Mondays.

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