Community Choir in Whitchurch, Shropshire U.K.

Monday 19th January rehearsal


Our third rehearsal of Faure’s Requiem and it is beginning to sound as if we are conquering it! Beautifully. Holly Teague took rehearsals for the sopranos and altos before tea whilst Donna Teague rehearsed the men.

Rehearsal 24th November...

Performance dates and venues are being finalised over the next few days – it’s looking like two performances just before Easter, one with the Wem Community Choir at St Peters and St Pauls Parish Church in Wem and another in Whitchurch, possibly in St Alkmund’s Church.

Donna is very busy planning everything on our behalf – pianist, organist, venues, dates, liaising with the Wem Community Choir, soloists… she really works hard for us as well as with us, and did you know this – she even arrives at the rehearsal room half an hour early every Monday evening to put out over forty chairs on her own. Arrangements are being made so that she doesn’t have to do this, but until those arrangements are in place it would be lovely if some choir members turned up early to help her.

Every week for a while now fresh faces appear leading to new choir members joining and fortunately some have performed Faure’s Requiem before. We are also singing lighter music and will begin practicing songs that we will be performing at a wedding on 16th May

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Author: Whitchurch Community Choir

The choir is based in Whitchurch, with members from the surrounding north Shropshire area. Rehearsals are weekly (term time) in the Bargates Hall behind St Alkmund's Church 7 - 8.30pm Mondays.

8 thoughts on “Monday 19th January rehearsal

  1. It all sounds so exciting. I hope to be back next week weather permitting. See you to night.


  2. It is exciting! I think for some people it is daunting (I’m one of them) but may be that is one of the reasons why it is exciting. It’s certainly worth the effort. It’s good news that you will be coming again soon.


  3. It’s been difficult but we are starting to sound better and it feels really good when we hear ourselves in harmony ☺️


  4. I reckon you’re right with the feel good factor – sometimes I wish I was in the audience and could hear how we sound.


  5. At the moment due to work commitments I am having a little trouble getting to rehearsals, however I have sent for an alto only CD (other parts available on Amazon). If anyone would like me to ‘burn’ an alto copy please let me know I would be more than happy to do this. I plan to sign along whilst driving!!!


  6. What a great idea – I shall have a look for soprano versions. Just found out that the Wem performance will be on the evening of Friday 27th March.


  7. Yes, please, Jo! I need help!
    Sarah WJ


  8. Hi Sarah! Great that you’ve visied the blog – I think it would be a good idea to email Jo direct for a copy of the cd as she may not see your comment here. Contact me if you want her email address or Margaret or Mo may be.


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