Community Choir in Whitchurch

Community Choir in Whitchurch, Shropshire U.K.

Why don’t men join choirs?

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‘Why don’t men join choirs?’ This is the title of an article in the Guardian which I couldn’t resist flagging up here. Here’s a link to it.

It includes a video clip from YouTube which I loved. One suggestion in the article as an answer to the question is that men like to sing songs that are relevant to them, think rugby songs, football anthems, sea shanties(?). I’m wondering about the revival of folk too, think hipsters with beards, socks and sandals or is it just sandals, finger in the ear, eyes half closed – I need to consult Mark Radford on Thursday evenings on bbc radio 2 about this.

How might we attract more men to join our choir do you think? I recently asked a chap if he could sing, his reply – the last time he sang was years ago in a submarine, in another country where he was unknown, the implication I think was that he knew no one he knew would be able to hear him, but there may be other reasons.

I’m wondering if I could design recruiting posters requesting the partners of blokes who sing in the shower of a Monday evening to immediately huddle them in towels and bus them to Bargates Hall. What do you think?

Author: Whitchurch Community Choir

The choir is based in Whitchurch, with members from the surrounding north Shropshire area. Rehearsals are weekly (term time) in St John’s Methodist Church 7 - 8.30pm Mondays.

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